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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Purple Girl in a Red World

I think I'm going to write a book :) ...this is what I've got so far. VERY ROUGH! but this is the idea, style I think I'm going to go with. I want it to be a fun & entertaining read while being able to stir the very souls of people! lemme know what you think! :) but please, be gentle, and remember...ROUGH!

"What is it to feel loved? To feel inspired to do the right thing? What is the right thing? Why does the right thing sometimes feel like it just does NOT fit!? Ever have that feeling of complete satisfaction and thrill that usually occurs only when we are acting in what we were truly created to do? That’s my favorite. When I know what I know is there for a reason and it’s truly unique to me! I get a certain thrill from stepping back and looking at what I’m good at. Knowing that I have that feeling for a specific reason is completely and utterly freeing. Unfortunately, I wish I recognized this earlier in life and began embracing it much sooner than I did. It was not until the end of my coursework at Regent University that I began to hold onto a lot of things.

I never saw myself as beautiful, as being created for an exclusive reason. I knew there was a purpose to my life, but why me? Why was I created? What is so special about me that required me to be created? I’m not sure I ever looked at it like that, but I think that’s ultimately what I felt."


Cassie-andra said...

You go girl! I'm all about the book writing although my motivation seems to come and go. I am envisioning a collection of short stories entitled "Vicariously Through Me: Slightly Fabricated but Mostly True Tales of 13 countries in 8 years." A friend has already written a great review that will plant itself on the back cover. Now all I need to do is write the material =)

If you're looking for a really propelling website and venue to get your book "published" I would check out It's quite amazing. Either that or if you want a for real ISBN number. How I love self-publishing!

Michelle said...

Stephanie, I think many people strugle with not knowing why they were created. They generally comprehend they were created for a purpose, but are not sure how to find that purpose. Your book idea sound like you would write from a perspective that people could really relate to.

Kyle Graham said...

Stefanie, if you want to write a book, write it. In my time knowing you, I have learned that you can do just about anything upon which you focus your attention and energy. If Stef is going after something... watch out!

Just make sure you give me a signed copy of your first edition.

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